Respro® Company

Founded in 1993, Respro® is a world leader in the manufacture of anti-smog masks for both sports and urban applications. The company's headquarters and production line are located in the UK. Products are offered in 26 countries including most EU countries, the USA, China, India and Singapore. Increased global demand is due to growing awareness of air quality and its impact on health. Spectacular smog episodes include China, the USA, Singapore, Indonesia, India but also, unfortunately, Poland.

Respro®'s overarching goal is to prepare solutions that precisely respond to observed needs and help change lives for the better. As a result of these efforts, the products designed help users in environments where air quality is an issue and solve the problem both at work and at leisure. Respro®'s excellent reputation is due to, among other things, its expertise, creativity, attention to detail and quality workmanship. The combination of these qualities makes these products unique.

Quality Guarantee 

From the very beginning, Respro attached great importance both to the quality of manufacture of its products and to ensuring proper protection against airborne contaminants.

As early as December 1996, the company obtained an EC test certificate confirming compliance with the then applicable EU Directive 89/686/EEC and EN 149:1991.

In 2018, testing of Respro products began to confirm their compliance with the latest versions of the requirements for anti-smog masks. Due to the high competence of the local Notified Bodies and Brod employees, the Manufacturer decided to carry out the tests in Poland at the Central Institute for Occupational Protection in Łódź. The formal process for obtaining the certificate took place under the supervision of PRS SA, Gdansk. In 2019, testing to EN 149: 2001 + A1:2019 confirming protection class FFP1 for reusable masks was completed and an EU certificate of conformity to Regulation 2016/425 replacing Directive 89/686/EEC was obtained.

The above quality evidence is important for users due to the availability on the Polish market of a number of products without any confirmation of protection which, in view of the level of contamination and its harmfulness to health, is of great importance.

Respro® team 

The Respro® team is made up of people who collaborate with each other and external experts, are open to innovation, different ideas and concepts, and are able to use them in the widest possible way. Product developers combine: expertise, technical know-how and production skills to create a ready-made solution for the market. This style of working makes the Team efficient, flexible and communicative, facilitates the development of the offer and has an impact on the company's development.