Respro online shop - anti-smog masks for everyday use

Respro is a manufacturer of anti-smog masks and filters for them, created on the basis of innovative technologies and many years of experience. Anti-smog masks stop harmful substances and pollen that form smog. They also eliminate the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, which we encounter, for example, when passing smokers in the city. If this is the case when jogging, why not check out masks for sport? Masks for everyday use have anatomical shapes to fit any face. Among other things, their solid components are made from special, extremely durable varieties of aluminium. Each product incorporates special features, such as Respro Pro-Seal, which keeps the skin on your face dry. All in the interests of ensuring that the anti-smog mask does not interfere with or restrict the wearer. Anti-smog masks for everyday use are equipped with replaceable filters, which can easily be replaced with new ones on their own when worn out. The growing popularity of anti-smog masks comes as no surprise - smog is increasingly making headlines in the news. Anti-allergy masks are also very popular - in addition to just relieving allergy symptoms with medication, they allow you to cut off effectively from the source of their formation. Respro are premium anti-smog masks created for those who care about using the highest quality personal protective equipment. If you are a person who does not accept compromises when it comes to taking care of your health, we are convinced that our products will meet your expectations.

Smog masks with proven effectiveness

The Respro anti-smog mask with replaceable filters is a product that is one of the few to have earned the EU Type Testing Certificate (CE certificate). This means that tests have confirmed the filters' ability to effectively capture particles of harmful substances. This includes smog components such as PM2.5 and PM10, but also submicron particles - very fine particles that are impossible to capture by cheaper, lower-quality filters. Hepa-Type filters with electrostatically charged fibres are responsible for this high efficiency. How do they work? During inhalation, any impurities in the air are attracted to the filter fibres like a magnet and retained there.

Respro anti-smog masks are perfect for urban conditions, in areas with high levels of smog and fumes. For those of you who live in particularly polluted areas, we can offer filters with activated carbon technology. The Respro smog mask is also indispensable when practising sport, for example when jogging or cycling. We offer special Cinqro Sport filters for comfort and effective air purification during active pursuits.

Respro smog masks: convenience of use

When designing Respro smog masks, we made sure that they provide comfort during everyday use. We have used unique valves in them that make it easier to breathe into the mask, reducing drag and ensuring a constant supply of air. The design of the mask has two exhalation holes and a shell made of neoprene provide adequate ventilation to the skin without causing excessive perspiration. As a result, you will be able to breathe freely even during intense exercise. The comfort of the Respro smog mask is also determined by details: the anatomical shape of the shell, Velcro for a perfect fit to the head, a damage-resistant aluminium nose pad that adapts to the structure of the nose and specially designed seams to prevent chafing. If you have ever been discouraged from wearing anti-smog masks because of the discomfort you feel, we are sure you will notice a big difference when wearing our masks.

Additionally, each anti-smog mask is equipped with a special inner layer made of an extremely soft and pleasant-to-touch material. This element guarantees a high level of comfort even when used for many hours. This is extremely important for, among others, people who wear masks while working.

A confirmation of the quality of our smog masks is the CE certificate documenting that they meet the EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard. In order to meet these requirements, Respro smog masks have undergone rigorous testing by accredited bodies.

We offer smog masks in a variety of sizes, making it easy for everyone to choose the right product for themselves. This is extremely important from the point of view of the mask's tightness and, consequently, its effectiveness. Each anti-smog mask available in our shop is made of safe materials containing no harmful substances. Our products can be successfully used by people with sensitive skin, as well as those with allergies. Our product range also includes smog masks in a universal size, which can be adjusted to fit any head shape thanks to their wide adjustability.

Our mask shop also offers special preparations with a disinfectant effect. Such products are designed for daily care of masks and filters. Their effect is completely safe even for allergy sufferers. In addition, the range includes devices used for disinfecting telephones. Their mode of action is based on the emission of UV-C light, which eliminates 99.99 % of microorganisms present on the smartphone. In addition, we offer air ionisers for small rooms. Such devices reduce the infectivity of viruses and reduce the number of batteries in a room, while also eliminating unpleasant odours. In the accessories category, you can also find additional head straps that are optional for masks, Upgrade Kits and other products.