Respro masks and Coronavirus

Following a number of questions regarding the use of Respro masks in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to provide the following information:

  • Respro masks undoubtedly reduce the risk through appropriate filtration mechanisms.

  • A product that is additionally useful in such situations is the Respro Sanitiser, which both sanitizes the filter itself and, as an antiseptic, is suitable for sanitizing hands and other parts of the body exposed to bacteria and viruses.

  • Respro masks have undergone EN-149 certification testing, where the masks' filtration capabilities were tested for particle sizes ranging from 0.02 micrometres to 2 micrometres with a median of 0.6 micrometres. 

  • The size of Coronovirus (Corona Virus) is approximately 0.1 micrometres. There are no tests carried out as part of the certification procedure which prove the filtering efficiency of viruses and bacteria, but it should be taken into account that masks fitted with Hepa Type filters (CE HT 250, Sport or combination) have the ability to catch them with a certain probability based on the protection class. Accordingly, protection classes:
    FFP1 - provides min. 80% protection
    FFP2 - min 94% protection,
    FFP3 - min. 99% protection.
    However, it should be taken into account that as the protection class increases, breathing resistance increases significantly.

  • It is worth adding at the same time that the virus is transmitted by the droplet route - meaning that, despite its very small size, the carrier (droplet, dust, dirt) on which it is transported definitely exceeds 0.2 micrometres. This means that the "carrier+virus" element is quite effectively filtered through the mask.

  • The combination of the filter action together with the Respro Sanitiser aerosol increases the effectiveness. 

In summary, Respro masks together with the Sanitizer are suitable for both protection against smog, allergens and exhaust fumes and can also be used when travelling to reduce the risk of contracting an infection.