Respro® exhalation valves are a very important part of the brand's anti-smog masks, as it is thanks to them that proper air circulation is possible. Without a properly designed exhalation valve, the mask would not be able to boast of its effectiveness or comfort of use. The main task of the valve in the mask is to exhale the air exhaled by the user, in such a way as to simultaneously prevent contaminants from penetrating the tilted diaphragm. To achieve this, Respro® valves are built using modern technology and materials. Respro® valves are divided into two basic types: sports mask valves and everyday mask valves.

Techno valves for everyday masks, are designed to provide the user with maximum comfort and protection. Respro® Powa™ and Respro® Powa Elite™ sports valves are designed for models used in a variety of physical activities, making them slightly different in design to the Techno™ valves. During physical activity, breathing accelerates and the need for oxygen increases rapidly. In such conditions, care must be taken to ensure a high airflow through the mask. It is for this purpose that increased capacity sports valves have been developed, which are perfect for intense exercise. The Respro® Powa™ and Respro® Powa Elite™ models also provide faster evacuation of carbon dioxide, unwanted heat and water vapour, which prevents the filters from becoming damp. These effects are achieved by the use of housings, allowing the membranes to have a larger stroke, allowing more air to pass through without reducing the protective properties of the mask. A separate category is the special valves for Respro® Allergy masks. In this case, it is a product designed for people suffering from various types of allergies. Here, attention to every detail and the need to eliminate any possible allergens has proven to be extremely important, which is why the valves for Respro® Allergy™ masks use membranes made from hypoallergenic medical silicone.